Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its a Glimmermist Festival.......

Yes, you would be forgive for thinking I have a little "Glimmermist fetish"! I love it. It is so versatile for giving some lift to those otherwise dull plain cardstock pages, glittering up flat coloured thickers - but my favourite use for it is on Chipboard. I have about 12 or so colours, but 2 in particular I use the most - Pearl & Irridescent Gold. I have 3 LO's to show you today - 2 of which I have used glimmermist, the third is not.


My husband and my daughter playing princess dressups:

For this item of chipboard, I have simply sprayed the glimmermist directly onto the chipboard. Because it was the darker colour, there was no need for inking first for the desired result.

HEY DAD.... Is this a Keeper?

For this set of awesome "fishing" chipboard, I just thought it was perfect for this page and wanted to use the whole lot on the one page. I coloured the outer of each piece to outline the detail, then simply sprayed it with my fave colour glimmermist - Irredescent Gold. It gave the chipboard just a small amount of "bling" - keeping it neutral which I believe most fishing items are.

For the cute little fish jumping out of the water I tried something a little different..... Embossing. I have never really been a big fan of this technique, but with the instructions I gave it another go. Unfortunately I didnt have a heat gun on hand (but didnt think about that until half way through the process) so I used the grill on my oven!!!! hhhmmmmm, wouldnt really recommend it LOL!!! I used some Kaiser rheinstones to bling up his gills and I dont mind the end result....he is still cute!!!!

You will also notice I have "clustered" the chipboard which is also something new for me. I am usually cluster flowers with journalling cards etc, but I love how this has turned out. Because of the thickness of the chipboard I have had to use mounting tape for some parts to even them out.


There is no glimmermist to be seen here.... Just lots of messy paint!!! I did have fun though. Had to keep the colours similar so some mixing was invlolved in this process. Once the paint was dry, I used the detail on the chipboard to outline simply using marker pens - white & black. I didnt think it needed anything else, and fit in perfectly with this range of papers and especially this photo of our son Oliver on his first holiday to Queensland.

This technique took a little longer, but more in the drying time - but so worth the effort.

Come check out my blog soon as I will be updating with more WOW chipboard in the next few days or so.

In the meantime, to find your nearest stockist, and get some WOW chipboard on your pages.... You certainly wont be disappointed!!!


  1. I love what you did with this little deck chair border. They look great. Di xx

  2. I also love your deck chair border - I'm really into painting chipboard


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