Thursday, July 28, 2011

WOW's many masks...

Hi there! Sami here to share with you how easy it is to use your gorgeous WOW chipboard shapes as masks. Just choose from one of WOW's many shapes, decide on a background and use your fave mist spray.

I've used the lovely vintage doily shape and a paper doily for the above layout. You get two elements to add to your page in a few easy steps....

First of all, place your chipboard shape on your desired background (in this case a paper doily).

Then, spray away!!! I have an old shoebox that I use to spray in...saves messes.

Lift your WOW shape off carefully and VOILA! A patterned background and a colourful WOW shape.

I've used WOW's filigree butterfly for this one. Even though it's quite fine and delicate, it masks really well. I've also sprayed WOW's hanging heart flourish to match.

I hope I have inspired you and that you will enjoy experimenting with this technique.

Sami B-)

Monday, July 25, 2011

This is what happens when you change your mind...

When I first saw this Paris chipboard from WOW, I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it.

My sister had bought us a cute silver magnet with a sparkly Eiffel Tower just before our own trip there and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to recreate it somehow in my scrapbooking.

Unfortunately, as most of us find, what we originally want to do doesn’t always work with our layouts. So I’m going to show you the original finish and how I changed it to make it work with my page. I usually leave the finishing touches to my chipboard until I’ve finished my layout and know what colours I am working with, but I was determined to use my original inspiration and threw my usually good laid plans out the window!

We are going to emboss this one, so to start with, you will need your chipboard, embossing powder, Versa Mark and your heat gun.

After inking up your chipboard with the Versa Mark, cover your chipboard in the desired embossing powder. I’ve done mine in 2 stages. I did the Eiffel Tower in the Tim Holtz glitter distress powder first and then once that was heated up and cooled down, I repeated the letters with the silver.

With the Tim Holtz Distress Embossing Powder, you can use your finger to rub parts of it back.

I wanted to regain some of the pattern on the Eiffel Tower part, so I rubbed away at it and was able to gain more definition without compromising the “glittery” finish that I was after.

And then I ended up with this finished product….. exactly like my cute magnet inspiration!

Then came the problem…. I had used a different colour scheme for my layout and the silver didn’t work with it! Chipboard is so versatile that you can peel away layers, so I carefully peeled back the silver and had raw chipboard again. Then I tried gold and that didn’t work, so I settled for a glittery effect all round and covered the letters in brown glitter.

To apply the glitter, you need to cover the desired area in Glossy Accents and then you can sprinkle your glitter on top. Once the Glossy Accents has dried, shake off the excess glitter.

Finally I ended up with the perfect finish for my layout!

This now worked well with my overall colour scheme and design. To finish off, I added a chipboard flourish in a plain brown ink and here is the completed product.

Thank you all for looking and enjoy your scrapping experience. Don't forget to keep an eye out for more beautiful work from our talented Design Team.

xx Renae

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Any One For Tea?

Hi, I would like to welcome the new members of our DT to the Wow Family.
I'm very happy to part of Wow and it's great seeing a small company growing into a large brand name in the Australian Scrapping industry.
I've been working on a lot of projects using Wow Chippies which will be coming up in the next few months in Scrapbook Creations, I just finished working on a beautiful New Christmas Tree designed by Suzanne which is going to be a step by step project, as well as a Christmas Mini Album in the Christmas issue.
This month I've created a layout using the New Teapot Set and Rose which will be available in August.
 I thought I would do quick step by steps so you can create this layout too.
You Need:
  • 4 double sided matching papers I used The Girl's Paperie Jubilee.
  • Pearl Strip,
  • 4x6 photo,
  • 2 Pearl Head Pins,
  • A Doily,
  • Alphas For Title.
  • Lace Trim,
  • Small Flower.
  • Basic Tool Kit
  • Border Punch.
  • File Set or Sand Paper,
  • Sewing Machine,
  • White Paint or Gesso,
  • Markers, (Colours to match papers)
  • Dimensional  Magic,
  1. Cut a 9 inch square out of paper, distress around the edges and adhere on a angle in the middle of  the back ground paper, using the sewing machine sew around the edges of the 9 inch square.
  2. Distress around the edges of the back ground paper.
  3. Cut a 12 x4 inch piece of paper and on the right hand side use a border punch, distress around the edges, then adhere it into place on top of the 9 inch square towards the bottom, (see photo) and sew around the edges.
  4. Using the border punch cut out two stripes, about 11 inches long, you need the stripes to over lap, so make one wider than the other, distress around the edges, then mount one on top of the other using mounting tape, then adhere using tape on top of the 12x4 paper, (see photos).
  5. Wrap a piece of lace trim around the layout and tie with a bow.
  6. Mount your photo onto paper, distress around the edges, add pearl stripes around photo and adhere to the layout on the left hand side, move bow so it sits on the right hand side of the photo, ( I used tape and mounting tape so it was raised up a little).
  7. Cut a doily in half and sew it to the left hand side of your photo.
  8. Colour in your teapot set and the top of the rose using markers, then go around the edges with white paint or gesso and finish using dimensional magic on the dots and the rose top, leave to dry.
  9. Cover the bottom of the rose with paper, cut and file or sand around the edges, adhere rose top on top when dry and adhere on the left hand side of photo using mounting tape.
  10. Adhere the teapot set using mounting tape on the right hand side of photo and add a small flower, (see photos).
  11. Rip part of the back ground paper at the right hand top and add part of the doily to the back, then adhere a piece of paper to the back of the doily.
  12. Making the flags fold a piece of paper and cut it into a flag shape, distress edges, ( you can use your finger nails for this) sew down the folded edge leaving room for the pin, place pin inside flag and stick into the mounting tape behind the rose.
  13. Add title and journaling if desired.

Thanks and have fun scrapping, Gilly oxo

Monday, July 18, 2011


We are excited to announce our new Design Team member for the remainder of 2011 are:-

Sandrine Dawes, QLD
Geli Duncan, QLD
Tina Connolly, QLD
Sami Cronin, ACT
Liz Kordek, SA
Amanda Lawrence, QLD and
Kim Solomon, NSW.

They will join our existing team of:-

Gillian Lester, NSW
Sandra Staples, NSW (DT Co-Ordinator) and
Renae Woods, NSW.

We also have Linda Baldock, NSW as our Product Designer.

Look out for their work over the coming weeks!! 

Also - do you notice anything different???  WOW has a new logo and a new blog!!  You can now have your own WOW blinkie on your blog!!

Let us know what you think!

We think Lisa Warren from Life as we know it!! did a fantastic job of  redesigning our logo and blog.

Suzanne & Neil

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Frame

hey all

passing by quickly, just to show you a layout with our new chipboard frame. How cool is this design, great for both sexes and could be enhanced in so many ways. It is also a great size to enable you to manipulate it at all angles on your page, if you arent a straight lover!

This layout has a photo of Tom and Liv when we were at Selwyn last year. She is learning how to be a nerd from him.....watching the nintendo in action. I love the way they hang out together and be friends.

 To alter the frame, i have pulled out the old roller doodles....rolled in through some choc chip ink and then all over the frame, then added some vintage photo ink to sections to enhance the colour.
There is a bit of hand stitching going on here too...another of my favourite things to do, so i stitched the title to run from the flourish.

heres a close up of the frame with roller doodle pattern on it.

...and just cause i though i is another layout using a combination of chipboard. This page of Maddie has a cicrle, flourish and then one of the NEW name plates, these are so pretty and delicate. All I have done is used vintage ink to enhance them, and then layered with some handmade paper roses.

.......a close up of the layered effect of the chipboard.

 Almost time to announce our new team
.....lots of other exciting news to be shared soon too.
So keep watch here...July 18th
......all will announced.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Taking Chipboard to Another Dimension!!!

the Third Dimension that is!! Most of us are aware about the differences between 2D and 3D. Simply put 2D is a flat image, 3D has contour and shape. So how does one take something that is 2D and make it 3D? Easy - and it calls for us to go back back into our childhood and playing with paper clay!!!!

Paper clay is easy to find now-days, even most toy shops sell different varieties of it. It is usually labeled "air-dry clay". It's cheap, non-toxic (really important for those of us with little kids) and you get a lot of bang for your buck!

So where to start??

Easy - with some WOW chipboard of course!!!! This will also work on MDF, but to start with I recommend working with chipboard - because quite frankly it's cheaper and closer in structure to the clay you will be using. For todays Tutorial I have chosen to work with the absolutely adorable new release "Bird on Curly Vine"

My starting supplies:
paper clay
assorted "tools" - really anything that can
mark, indent, roll - picture playing with playdough ;)
water spray
paint and brushes

So first things first. Get your clay out and have a play with it. I have found when the package is new it is all ready to go, however if the package has been opened you may need to add a little water to the clay to make sure it is soft enough to use and wont crack as you work with it. Don't be afraid to add water!!! This is really important, as we're adding the paper clay to what is ultimately a dry product you will find that the chipboard has a good habit of sucking all the moisture out of the clay - make sure it is wet enough so it slips between your fingers with ease.

Once you are happy with your clay, and you can make shapes without it cracking it's time to prepare the chipboard. lay it on the surface you will be using and wet it. Give it a good few sprays of water. We don't want it soaking wet, just damp enough to have changed colour.

Now comes the fun part, using little bits of clay start pressing it onto the chipboard where you are wanting to add a 3D effect. Press it down reasonably hard and continue to add to the work to build up to the thickness you desire. When working on multiple areas of the chippie I find starting at the furthest away end and working forwards from there is the easiest - you don't want to be leaning over the wet clay as you're trying to work on a specific area - Murphy's law would dictate (or if you're clumsy like me) that you're going to destroy the work that you've already completed!!

Once you have plumped up your chippie it's time to start going back to pre-school days and smoosh your clay into the desired shape. Here is where you can get out your "tools" and also start scraping into the surfaces to add textures and detail. If your work starts to dry out Re-moistening and smoothing over is also a great technique to get a super smooth finish. I'm using a tailors awl in the image, but I find toothpicks or the like are just as good for getting detailed results.

Once you are happy with your work it's time to move on - either to another section, another piece or simply to allow it to dry. Drying depends greatly on the weather, it can take as little as a few hours or overnight. How do you know it's dry? Simple, it changes colour from the dirty greyish colour of the wet clay to a snowy white. To make sure it is completely dry turn your work over, if the chippie still appears to be damp then the clay isn't dry in the centre and needs a little more time...

All ready to dry!

So where from here? Firstly CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've created a 3D masterpeice from your 2D chippie!!! Stop and admire your work - you created this!!! You have taken something that is a great product into another dimension - all with your imagination!!! No one else can create the item that is in front of you now :) Be proud of what you have done!!!!

So, whatcha think... need some colour now??? It's the next logical step... This can be as simple or as complicated as you like! The beauty of working with paper clay and chippie is that they are ultimately made of the same ingredients and will accept a colour medium in the same manner. For my chippie I've painted with my favourite Twinkling H2O's, but any painting medium that works well on chippie should work well on your paper clay as well. Please note, textas and pencils are not painting mediums and tend to scratch the surface of the paper clay rather than colour, stick to a medium that requires a brush (or toothpick if you like doing detailed work like I do) to apply it with for this purpose ;)

Once you have finished adding colour to your art it's pretty much complete. Depending on what you will be using it for you may wish to add a coat of clear sealant, the choice is yours :)

And here is my completed LO with my 3D Bird on Curly Vine:

Mummy's Little {explorer} Boy


Here's another piece I'm working on... It should be going on a LO in the next few days... Once you have the basics down pat you can start plumping up and 3Ding all manner of WOW chipboard - even putting some detail onto titles will start to become fun and almost a challenge...

I hope this has shown you a new way to explore using WOW chipboard and MDF products. Give it a go, get a little dirty and above all HAVE FUN CREATING WITH GREAT WOW PRODUCTS!!!!!