Wednesday, January 18, 2012

K.I.S.S. in Red

Well hello there!
It is a new year at WOW and I am stoked to be asked back to do another year with Suzanne and the gang. Loving all the new Chipboard designs and excited about the new team who are going to be bringing you bigger and better ideas and showcasing this magnificent product!
There are a lot of different techniques you can use on chipboard from distressing to embosssing to using different mediums to cover it, but I always like to keep my altering to a bare minimum and KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid).
My favourite thing to do is to just colour the chipboard in black with a permanent marker, but lately I  have been experimenting with a different colour. RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cousins WOW
For this layout I have used:

-Classic Lower Case Alphabet

-Linda Baldock Design mini leaf pack
-Picket fence
For this layout I have used:
-Family Time title piece
-Chloe Flourish
family time



So when you are about to use some chipboard on your layout, try keeping it the main embellishment focus and K.I.S.S. your WOW chipboard!

Have fun chipping it up!
cheers Wendy x x x


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