Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Multi-toning your chipboard

Hi Girls….it is Wendy here, just thought I might share a layout i have done with your with a colouring technique.


We probably have all coloured our chipboard in a single tone, but have you ever tried multi-toning?? Multi-toning is were you create a blended effect on your chipboard with 2 or more colours.


I have used:

-Flame Border C1115

-Wing Pack 2- Boyish C1303

-Skull Pack 2 C993

-Crazy kid title C1093

On this layout I have used red, orange and yellow to create  flames on the chip. I just used the red on the bottoms edge, and then the orange and finally finished the tips off with yellow texta/pens!

IMG_1526 - Copy

You can see the effect closer here on this image


on the flaming wings, I have misted over it with Calico Shine mist to give it a shimmery effect


Enjoy playing around with colours on your is fun!


Cheers Wendy x x x

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