Monday, May 7, 2012

Glitter Glass Rules!

Hi, Who doesn't love a bit of Bling?
And there is nothing better than adding sparkle to your page or project.
You can achieved this with Glitter Glue, Embossing Powder or what I love to use Glitter Glass.

Step by steps when using Glitter Glass:

  1. Ink your WOW Chipboard piece in the same colour as the Glitter Glass,
  2. Apply a coat of Dimensional Magic to your chipboard piece, you can do this in parts if it's a large piece.
  3. Put your Chipboard pieces into an embossing tray or on a piece of paper.
  4. Sprinkle the Glitter Glass on top of the Chipboard piece.
  5. Shake off the excess Glitter Glass.
  6. If you have missed parts of the Chipboard, touch up with Dimensional Magic and more Glitter Glass.
  7. Leave to Dry approx 1.5 hours.
Note: As Glitter Glass is little pieces of Glass

  • Don't put Glitter Glass in your eyes, this has been done at 3.00am at an all night crop, if this happens DON'T run around like a crazy woman, just go and wash your eye or eyes out with water.
  • Don't eat Glitter Glass, I know it look so pretty and some people want to lick it, but please keep your tongue to yourself.
  • If you drop Glitter Glass on to the floor, PLEASE STOP what you are doing and vacuum in up, even late at night, because it really really hurts when you get it in your foot or even worst when your Hubby gets Glitter Glass in his foot, as you won't hear the end of it for years, and you will keep on hearing now EVIL scrapping is!
  • Don't use with alcohol, contrary to belief we do get silly when drinking and scrapping. This can lead to any one or ALL 3 of the above.
So Have fun with Glitter Glass and remember please follow the Glitter Glass Rules.
Thanks Gilly oxo

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