Friday, July 6, 2012

personalised mini albums

hello all

Today, Im going to show you some Personalised Mini Albums that WOW have made for me. 

This is a great gift idea, make your own original minis as gifts, for birthday, christmas, teachers, farewells, they also can be used as an autograph abum for a special party, like 21sts.

This first album, I have made for my bff and her family, they recently took Mark away sailing for his 50th birthday gift.....he is a sailing lover!

I asked WOW to design a cover that was in two parts, the ship and then the front page.

Then I have added a packet of 8x8 album refills inside for them to put their photos in, this way its not a standard album of a few pages of mdf, its like a normal album with my cover.

Here is the cover....I have sprayed it with silver paint and the bottom of the album (waves) are covered first with gesso, then blue paint, then micro beads and heat give the effect of rough seas (which the whole trip was apparently lol).

Then i covered the front solid page with a pattern paper of the sea. The fancy page is then glues to the top and add the album pages and the back with jump rings and its ready to fill up with memories of the trip.

close up here of the waves!

heres a close up of one of the titles on the cover.

In case you didnt know WOW make personalised chipboard for you....YEP, that right, design your own titles etc for your projects. 

Like I said earlier, it was Marks 50th birthday, so I had that title made. Also the top title of 'judds go sailing'...personalising the album makes it so much more special!.

Now this mini, I made for my som, Tom...he loves pigs and has a room full of them in all shapes and sizes. When we were at the Easter Show this year, he took a million (!!??) photos of the pigs!, so i got WOW to make this and I am going to print the photos he took and add them to the pages.

I think he is a bit cute.... and he came in piece, so i could work al the bits seperately and then glue him together.

His body is just paint, shading pinks and then the edges are perfect pearls and his toes are sprayed with a coffee glimmermist and micro beads have been added. I added some googly eyes.

...heres a close up of his toes.

I have an idea of adding a banner across his stomach...saying PIGS RULE.....which is what i hear constanty at home from the boy child! lol
I think he will love having a pig abum with his favourite photos in it.

I guess your imagination is the limit here....have a go at designing a mini album for that person who is so hard to think of a gift for.
Pop into your lss and ask for help, Im sure they can assist you in design and then order them for you.

Til next time
Happy Crafting

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