Saturday, January 12, 2013

summer short shots...12/1

....this week, we are showcasing some more of our fabulous new dts work. All the WOW we used can be bought from your lss. Enjoy......

Christmas Joy
using the small chipboard 'Merry Christmas Peace Hope Joy Love Family'

Melissa Heather
Dance Like No-One is Watching
Using 'Dance Like No-One is Watching' WOW1649

Used: 3 Point Pin Wheel Pack (WOW1597) and AltaMATZ 6x6 Doily (ALTA033)

'celebrate you'
using small & medium pinwheels

'3 Dan'
using cog corners

'At The Park'
Using the 'At The Park' title WOW1026

'Our 3 Little Spooks'


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