Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NEET'S WEEK - 'You Are 100% Boy'

I'm on a roll with these bright coloured/minimalist layouts!! I've found a new love, & it's being able to make an interesting page with a few great embellishments that make your photo pop!! Which is the whole point. I heard a funny definition of scrapbooking awhile ago & it was "Scrapbooking - spending $50 to make a 15c photo look good", which I totally agree on in some aspects. It can get quite expensive if your adding things like flowers, bling, resin bits etc. But things like chipboard titles add great depth to a layout - without breaking the budget!
So make sure you head to your LSS to pick some up to play with TODAY!!!!
 I was one of those people...
I once added that many flowers to a page - it wouldn't fit into my album (which I've since heard being called 'Prima Vomit' LOL). It was then I realised, that I couldn't afford to scrap every page like that. I'd end up needing a new album every 5 to 6 pages!!!
 My ingredient list for this page is:
WOW Small Banner Border (WOW878)
WOW 100% Boy in Circle (WOW459)
WOW 6x6 Random Hexagons (ALTA037)
Handmade star embellishment (by me)
Pearl bling
KC mini alphas
Handmade shipping tags
Watercolour paint
sewing machine
Flutterby Design page tabs
Washi tape
flair badge
KC stamp & rub ons
KC paper
black pen
TH tiny stapler

Close up...

Pop back over later this week for more :)

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  1. Gorgeous work Anita, absolutely love the colours.


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