Monday, November 9, 2015

Vinatge Canvas with Tracey Henly

Now I was away at retreat when I made this so forgive me for not having step by step photo's for you.
I will give you the run down on how I did this.

I have used a 10 x 10 inch canvas.
These WOW chipboard pieces......
x 2


Also Hinges, metal charms and paper flowers.

Take an altamatz of your choice and some texture paste and put it onto your canvas. Set aside and let dry.

While you are waiting for it to dry, cover your photo or in this case vintage postcard in mod podge matt. This seals the image and makes it easier to remove over spray if it happens.

Get all your chipboard and metal accents out of your stash ready to add to your background. My glue of choice is Helma 450 for my chipboard and metal.

I would just like to say at this stage that this technique is used on these layouts as well. I use 12 x 12 sheets of chipboard for more stability.

Once you have all your bits and bobs out glue them to your layout.
Keep in mind you need layers and I also keep some pieces to add after I colour the back ground.
When you happy with your placement cover everything over with white gesso.

 I usually glue my photo into the layered pieces first but as you can see with the one of  Mady titled "you" and the one below with her girlfriend I have added them after. So this step will be up to you and how you would  like the finish layout to look.

Once your gesso cover is dry take your paint sprays and start colouring. Cover your photo if it is already on your layout with a couple of sheets of paper towel. Remember if any paint does get on you have a sealer over it and just wipe off with a wet one.

Always start with your palest colours first, let them dry or use a heat gun in between colours. I always find after I let it sit overnight that they have toned down heaps and I go back in and add more colour to deepen the tones if that is what I am after.

Your final step is to just add your flowers and whatever you left off. In the case of the vintage canvas I added the paper flowers into the centre of the metal flowers. I embossed the butterfly and the circle frame and stuck them on. then just a couple more metal accents on the frame.

You can also go in with some staz on or archival ink and stamps to add to your back ground.

thanks for looking

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