Thursday, February 24, 2011

Custom Ordered WOW!!!!!

My name is Jodi Dolbel 
and today i thought i would share with you what i have found really wonderful
about Words or Whatever!!

By trade, i am a function decorator.
Last year i also took on the voluntary roll of
Coveynor for the Catholic Debutante Ball.

Each year the girls select a theme
and its my job to pull the theme together spanning the whole event from the 
staging, and centerpieces

The challenge lies in trying to make sure the event looks elegant,
that it doesn't look like a wedding
and is age appropriate

In 2010 our theme was
Kissed by Snowflakes......
were a huge part of being able to bring this theme together.

With a phone call to Suzanne, and a bit of a drawing of what we wanted,
Words or Whatever supplied the perfect centerpieces!!!

I will show you some photos and you will see what i mean....

We had snowflakes hanging from the ceiling
and snow clad trees on the stage
and snowflake balloons and coloums..
Lots of white and pale blue..

So what would be the perfect centrepiece???

And thats what Words or Whatever made for us!!!

They were three different sizes.
And placed at angles to allow a candle int he centre

To decorate:
The snowflake shapes were given two coats of white paint.
Then a coat of Jo Sonias Opal Finish...
This has large glitter flakes all through the paint....

And there is what they looked like on the night.....

There were 30 tables
and they all looked so nice lined up.....

All lined up across the back tables too

And of course, i thought i would also show a photo of the beautiful Debutantes....
See that gorgeous girl in the center with the long blond curls....
thats my daughter Emelia...

We are 4 weeks out from the 2011 Deb Ball now...
And this years theme is
Catch a Falling Star....

Here is a photo we found of staging that we a going to duplicate...


But a centerpiece is always a worry...
So I emailed of Suzanne a photo of something i thought looked nice
some modifications were made
and viola
We have this years centerpiece..

The half moon shape with the falling stars....

To decorate:
Once assembled, the centerpiece was given
a coat of black paint
and a coat of fine silver glitter paint
and then dusted with purple glitter.

 I will share with you the finished product in March's blog post......

So something to think about for school functions
High School Dances
18th & 21st Birthdays...
anything in fact
if you require something a little different to decorate your table...
Go no further than 
Words or Whatever!!!

See you next month...
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  1. They look awesome Jodi!! I love how this years one has turned out!

  2. OMG Jodi, the room looked beautiful with all the snowflakes, and will look beautiful again with the moon and stars. You should be proud of what you achieved

  3. Jod, you never stop surprising me with your ideas. The backdrop for this years Deb Ball will be sensational if you can pull it off but I know you can. I love the centre pieces. With the candles alight inside, it will be awesome. x

  4. So clever - the room looks awesome

  5. That is amazing Jodi! Such a great idea past the page - it looked beautiful.

  6. WOW, WOW, WOW. These all look absolutely beautiful. You have done a fab job Jodi. What a wonderfully creative person you must be. These photos all look like a fairy tale setting. Love them all & what a great idea for a special occasion. Hugs Di xx

  7. Gorgeous. I love the monkey on the first layout. So cheeky :-) I have a giveaway for someone on my blog to if you know of anyone whos interested.

  8. Wow they look beautiful and what a job you have done with last year room, it looks soooo beautiful!


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