Thursday, February 10, 2011

House Album!

My name is Gillian Lester (Gilly), and I have been scrapping for about 6 years now, I live in Penrith in Sydney with my husband Ben and our six year old daughter Amelia-Jane, whose nickname is Milly, and I must say she is very scrap-abused lol! I started scrapping when Milly was about 6 months old and I have been taking photos for scrapping ever since. I work within the industry, at Fred the Needle a Scrap Booking and Patchwork store in Penrith. I share my blog with my BFF Renee Iveson 
In my first blog post I've created a House Hold Maual, I know this sounds funny but we go away alot and have family and friends house sit and look after the animals, so I give them a A4 folder with how everything works in the house, but now I'll give them the new Home Sweet Home Book instead.

and the Yummy October Afternoon Modern Homemaker.
the curtains I made from strips of fabric.
1st part 'Appliance' this is everything from using the TV to when bins have to go out.
I used acetate to make the pages as it is alot stronger then just cardstock, I stuck the paper down with double sided tape making sure it was the same size on both sides and then I sewed around the edges of the paper with green and pink cotton, ( just put one colour on the top reel and another colour bottom feed).
I tried to put stickers on that kind of when with the theme of the page.
2nd part 'Pets' and yes we have lots of them.
This is one of the pages, we have male and female pigs that's why the bottom line has underlining lol!
And the 3rd part is the 'contacts' I can't show you this page as it has our number on it, and we don't want strange phone calls from scrappers lol!
Well I hope you enjoyed looking at my new Home Sweet Home Book, this is just one idea to do with new House Album, maybe you might like to make an album of the things you love in your house, like the ironing board lol!
Thanks Gilly oxo


  1. I remember when you told me about this idea and its turned out so beautifully. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  2. This is perfect Gilly! I love,love, LOVE it!! You have done an awesome job with a beautiful product!! a+++
    Luv Renee

  3. WOW! What a great idea. Love how you pulled it all together, beautiful

  4. Such a cleaver idea for this house album. Well done Gilly

  5. I LOVE THIS IDEA!! It looks brilliant.

  6. I must get hold of one of these and do one myself - just so that until I remember all the settings I can get the bookout for myself - then I can actually do the laundry myself rofl.

  7. What an awesome idea Gilly! Beautifully presented, love it!!


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