Monday, May 30, 2011

Giddy Up!

Hi, Today I'm showing one of my favourite chippies the carousel horse, which comes in two different styles one with the roof C1144 and one without C1145, I just had to wait until I found the right photo to use it with and when we where at a  park on the weekend Milly found this vintage rocking horse and ran straight to it, she just loves animals and can't wait until she can have a pony herself.
To create this carousel horse follow these steps:
  1. Paint the horse in white, also paint or use a black marker for the poles.
  2. Using an embossing pad and powder cover the horse and set.
  3. Paint or use a marker colouring in parts which you want black.
  4. Cover the roof with paper and sand around the edges.
  5. Bend the roof into shape and add some trim.
  6. Cover the black parts of the horse with Glossy Accents,
  7. Add touches of Kindy Glitz to the white parts and some of the roof.
  8. And to finish it off add a flower to the top of the roof.

Thanks Gilly oxo

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