Monday, May 16, 2011

Custom Made Decorations for your Functions - Round 2

You may recall an earlier post i did about 
Custom Made Centrepeices from Words or Whatever
If not, here is the post
In that post I promised to share with you the photos from this years 
Debutante Ball
"Catch a Falling Star"

Here is the centrepiece that Suzanne made for us.
I assembled it
gave it a coat of black
and sprinkled fine purple glitter over the top
and there is a candle in the centre....

Here is the overall effect.
It good to see how it all worked in with the overall look.


Room & Ceiling


Down the right side:
You can see the little centrepeices...

The cake complete with stars... 

The Debs & Partners. 


 So you can see that these adorable little centrepieces were perfect and tied in with the theme so well!
When planning your next event why not try
Words or Whatever.

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