Thursday, September 22, 2011

Going back to my Childhood—by Wendy Smith

I don’t know about the rest of you, and maybe it is just me, but whenever I colour in with textas or pencils I just love it. This certainly hasn’t changed as I have grown into an adult, in fact Iove colouring now just as much as always.

Using pens on my chipboard would have to been my favourite altering method. I love the diversity you can get from all the colours, and how fine you can make your pen strokes for all that fine detail required in some pieces.

For this layout, I have altered the 'Monkey Business’ title piece using a Sharpie permanent marker, Zig writers, Stampin Up pens, and a Signo white pen.

The first thing I did was coloured the words in with the black marker.


Then I used the Zig Writers and Stampin Up pens to colour in the cute monkey


Then I took a fine Sharpie marker and filled in the details on the monkey


Finally, I used the white Signo pen to individualise the letters in the title.


This is the completed alteration prior to being put on the layout


And here is the layout with my altered chipboard piece as the main attraction


So there you go, my first post on the WOW blog. Hope you learnt a little something from me.

cheers Wendy


  1. Love it Wendy, the white gel pen border is so effective.

  2. I love that effect ... and I agree with the colouring too :)

  3. That looks awesome Wendy! Love the doodled borders on chip.


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