Thursday, November 24, 2011

Does anyone remember flock?!

It seemed to be all the rage a few years back. I guess the fact that it's a little fiddly and not always easy to get a nice application have steered people clear.

I don't let anything go, much to my husband's dismay ;) so when I received this cute Santa's Sleigh (RWL455) I headed for the deep and dark depths of the scrapping cupboard to dig out my flock :)

I began by colouring in the chipboard with various mediums including; gel pens, textas and twinkling h2o's. I was also sure to give the area I would be flocking a coat, just in case of any 'bald' spots.

You can see with the sleigh and Santa that I have used a black texta outline to give detail to the area. Something that is so simple to do but adds such a great effect.

Now I will say straight up that I am certainly no flocking expert but I have found that the easiest application and the best result was achieved with a glue pen. Nothing too wet like a gel as it just gets all gooey and lumpy. Spread an even layer of glue, sprinkle on the flock and then gently tamp it down with a clean, dry finger. Then simply tap off the excess and leave it to dry. Be patient .... poking and prodding, no matter how tempting, will only cause your flock to fall off!

Here's the whole piece all flocked up. I also wrapped some twine along the reins for some extra effect. A little fiddly getting it all in place but definitely worth the effort. A red rhinestone for Rudolph's nose up front, cause we all know it was he that saved Christmas, and then little silver sparkly noses for the rest of the gang at the request of my 4 yr old, who insisted that all the reindeer HAD to have noses!

Another close-up showing off the finished detail.

And here's the page I used the finished piece on. Not the best photo in the world but a precious memory none the less. We were excited to be able to visit many of the award winning Christmas Light displays last year. At this particular house they had a replica Santa's Sleigh you could take photo's in.

One last close-up just to show the detail I added with the texta.

There are so many wonderful pieces of Christmas Chipboard available in the WOW store. Be sure to check out the New Releases and also the Christmas section of the shop. Also don't forget that WOW now also cut all of the RW lasercut designs so remember there are plenty of Christmas designs from them too.

If you love WOW chipboard but your favourite scrap store doesn't stock it maybe you should show them some of the wonderful designs available. Don't forget to mention that WOW chipboard has no minimum quantities and no minimum order so they can order as much or as little as they like!


  1. Wow Amanda! That sleigh looks awesome! I love how you scrapped that photo, it is all about preserving the memory hey?

  2. Super cute! I can never say flock without feeling slightly guilty...


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