Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun with Christmas chipboard!

Hi, it's Tina here with a tutorial for you.
I had a ball, playing with this gorgeous Christmas chippy!  I pulled out lots of different media, pens, inks, paint, and other "stuff" and started layering.  I started with the wonderfully detailed Christmas Stocking and the Candy Cane.   I painted them with white paint, but only lightly so you can still see all the details.  (The white background will make your colours brighter.)

I outlined the details with Nikko pen so it wouldn't run/bleed when I added water-based  paints.

 I added Iridescent Medium to the white parts of my candy cane and stocking.

I coloured various sections using glitter pens, and Copic markers (keep this away from the Nikko pen)

I added Smooch to other areas.

 I added Smooch ink, & Diamond Dust.

 And added Dimensional Magic to highlight certain areas.

I have another tutorial and layout for you which I'll post tomorrow (otherwise this would be the longest post ever!). 
  I hope you've been inspired to have some fun colouring your chippy.

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