Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Bunting!

Hi, Christmas is coming so fast, it seems like it was only August for me, when we moved into our new house, maybe because it's so cold at the moment, I'm thinking it's still Winter lol!
This week I created a Christmas Bunting to hang on our fire place, which if the cold keeps up we have it going at Christmas time.
This blog post was due yesterday morning, sorry about the delay, I was very upset as I filmed a step by step on how to create this bunting, but I doesn't want to work on you tube, so next week I'll re film it and then post it.
For these Cute Christmas Stocking Bunting,
I used: 3 pieces of papers to cover,
2 pieces to create the rosettes,
3 metres of lace,
Micro Beads,
Kindy Glitz,
Border Punch,
File Set,
Hot Glue Gun
& Score Board.

I was thinking about adding some hat pins as well.

I'll keep working on the video so please keep your eyes out for it.
have a wonderful Christmas
Thanks Gilly oxo


  1. So Gilly, you can bunt anything :) Awesome work.

  2. so cute! I need a fire place too! I really like the microbead letters.


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