Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanks for coming!

Not long to go until Santa visits....are you ready for him? Have you got his favourite snacks? I'll give you a hint......Santa told my three last year that his favourite drink is pineapple juice as it's quite hard to get at the North Pole. After a long night, I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

To help Santa locate his snacks in amongst all of the decorations, I've made a simple sign using WOW chipboard and a simple white frame from the cheapy shop.

I started off inking the chipboard with white ink. Then I used textas to colour it in. To jazz it all up I've added beads as cookie sprinkles and bling to the tree.  I cut patterned paper and placed behind the glass and added my message to the front of the glass.  My children love it and it's all set up ready for the big night.

As this is my last blog post for the wonderful WOW I'd like to thank you all for visiting. I know that I'll continue to be a WOW ambassador as the products are amazing and so easy to use.

Don't forget to keep coming back....the inspiration will continue!!!


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