Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sue's Week - creating a textured mixed media background

Hi everyone. Today is my last day for taking over the blog this week.

I've been playing around with some AltaMATZ to create a lovely textured background for a canvas and here is the result.

I selected a couple of relatively new AltaMATZ, the 12" Square Frame and the 6" Heart Mosaic

I wanted to use texture paste with these templates but also wanted to make sure the texture paste didn't accidentally go 'out of bounds' so I laid them out in the arrangement I wanted on a sheet of paper.....

...and then traced around the relevant bits so I could mask off the places where I didn't want the texture paste to go.

I cut out this piece and then attached it with tape to the two AltaMATZ and placed on my canvas which I had already prepared with stuck on pieces of book paper, and proceeded to apply the texture paste with a palette knife

This is how it looked once I carefully removed the templates. In some places I have used less texture paste so the print shows through a little.

After allowing that to dry, it was then onto the fun bit of adding colour using a variety of mists and water in multiple layers. 

It's always fun to see how using a combination of different things causes reactions that create beautiful visual effects

This is only the beginning of the canvas. Over the next week or so I will continue to build up the layers and colours and textures. Who knows how it will end up? But I will continue to document the steps and share the finished result with you at a later date.

Thanks for joining me in 'my week'. Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for August's exciting New Releases and what the design team have created with them.

Also don't forget our colour Challenge this month for a chance to win a pack of WOW goodies. Details are here if you've missed it.


  1. This looks beautiful as is. I will be so interested in what you do with it next though :)

  2. Gorgeous already! Love those colours.


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