Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sue's Week - some more creative fun with WOW

Hi again everyone!
As promised, I have another 'experiment' from my creative Sunday to share with you.

The aim of my day was to try something a bit different with AltaMATZ. On yesterday's blogpost I showed the results of trying one of the AltaMATZ as an embossing 'die'. Check it out here if you missed it.

I have again used the 6"x6" Hearts In A Row AltaMATZ, but this time to make my own unique embellishments.

Starting with a sheet of acrylic transparency, and using the AltaMATZ as a shape template, I painted the transparency with alcohol ink.

The alcohol ink dries very quickly on the transparency, so I was able to go onto the next step straight away. 

I took a small amount of Gel Medium and mixed it with some microbeads which were a colour mix of silver, pink and red. 

Once they were evenly mixed through, I used a palette knife to apply an even layer over the painted hearts using the AltaMATZ as a guide once again.

I had some mixture left over so I did a separate row of hearts without the background colour to see the difference.

I then carefully lifted off the AltaMATZ and left it to dry completely. 

This took about 12 hours in the sun and in front of the heater. 

You could use a crafting heat tool, but it would still take a long time and you have to be careful not to warp and/or melt the transparency.

 The gel medium dries clear as long as it is no thicker than 3mm and below is a picture of the dried hearts with no colour underneath.

And here is the final result of the ones with the red alcohol ink underneath.

This was all lots of fun to do and definitely something I would try again. I now have some lovely unique embellishments to use on new projects. Once I decide how I will use these, I will share that with you too.


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