Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jan 28th inspiration

Hello there, it's my turn again for a little fun holiday inspiration.

I've kept things very simple for most of this page and it's based on another Stuck Sketch.

I've left the divine Dark Wood Veneer title Trimming the tree and a Light Wood Veneer Arrow Icon in their original state, it worked nicely with the colours used for the layout.

 photo _DSC0008_zpsabeb4b04.jpg

I have used part of Small Star Cluster Banner and embossed it with my BigShot. It was covered with Bronze ink and then I used Metallic Run to highlight a the raised parts.

  photo _DSC0007_zpsc7b1e7fb.jpg

Trimming the tree

 photo _DSC0005_zpsb67e175d.jpg

Thank you for dropping in to the blog.

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