Saturday, March 26, 2011

if we all only knew.....

mmmm how many times do we all say that in our life time!

The old 'sliding door' moment hey! famous or rich or different would you be if you knew then what you know now!...I am sure we all have great missed opportunities.

In this case the title is actually from a song that I danced to when I was little, I loved dancing ( well for a while anyway!...then i grew up and decided motorbikes were more fun)

The chipboard I have used here is the cupcake boarder strip, I have cut 2 loose from the boarder, to use in a layered effect.

To enhance the cupcakes, I have used creme chalk and coloured textas ( yep those plain old ones the kids use), then covered them with Paper Tole gloss to blend the colours and give some sheen.
There is also a large circle, inked and used a base. WOW make a awesome circle set, that are sized from a page full through.

The paper range used here is Kaiser 'Nans favourites' the antique look of the paper, and they are inked with Tim Holtz vintage photo ink.

Have some fun with your textas and coloured pencil,( steal them off the kids!) use the Paper Tole Gloss or Dimensional Magic to enhance them. Heaps of fun!

Well thats its for me, visitors on the way, and as it says in on the layout:

'If i knew you were coming....I'd a baked a cake'..............{off to kitchen for me}

San xxx

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