Friday, March 18, 2011

new designs

 Well here I am a day late for posting...I'm sorry about that but I am hoping you will forgive me with the goodies I have to share here. Most people know I love designing products and am currently having a blast designing some products for WOW, here are my latest.
Retailers can contact Words Or Whatever directly to order.
Click on the hyperlinks to go directly to the product pages for details.

four piece chipboard mini house...perfect for wearable art or a lovely keychain

with steampunk such a popular genre at the moment I designed this photo circle with a hint of industrial

brackets are wonderful and super versatile...they are great embellishments and in my next post I'll show you a few ideas using my Brash Bracket set

I love flowers and these are on the top of my list. I wanted to create a flexible I created five! Click on the Alchemy Bloom hyperlinks to check out the styles

this is my book shrine...can you imagine the possibilities?


  1. Nice work. Your very creative, luv your artistic style.

  2. I love these alchemy flowers Linda! Stunning creations :)


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