Monday, March 14, 2011

My Recipe Book!

Hi, We all have our favourite recipes which might have been passed down by family or my friends or in my case I find recipes on the Internet and change it to suit my family's tastle, so where do you put these recipes? Mine seem to live on bits of paper in the front of other cook books, which then fall onto the floor and seem to get lost or eaten by the dog. (I think it had cake mix on it!).
Well now you can make your own recipe book and maybe it might get passed on one day.
Starters Title Page: I made a title page for each selection, the pages I made out of acetate, so you can see through them.
I used the wooden Spoon on this page which I inked and went around the edges with a brown marker, then some clear crackle paint and some gesso on top.
Meals Title Page: by sewing the acetate pages it helps attach paper and embellishment.
The scales I coated with gesso first then coloured in with a blue marker, then coated it in clear crackle paint, and finished it off with some more gesso on top and some brads.

Sweets Title Page: I used the oven mitt on this page which I covered with paper, inked around the edges then added some gesso.
Cakes Title Page: On this page I used a bakers hat and tea cup, which I covered them both in paper, as above and added some Baker's Twine,
This is one of my favourite parts of this album this Baker's Hat Bookmark, which comes with a hole in the top so you can thread ribbon or like I did Baker's Twine, then just swing it into place, I was thinking about putting on it "To Make".
This is one of the recipe pages, you could use cardstock to create your book, as I used these recipe cards I had to use handwriting.
Well I hope I've inspired you to want to create your own Recipe Book with your own special style and tastes, but if you like this one I used Kaiser's Nan's Favorites.
Thanks and happy cooking!
Gilly ox


  1. You have inspired me alright Gilly, Now I know what to do with all those recipe cards I have from swaps


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