Monday, August 1, 2011

Altering MDF

Hi Everyone,

I thought I might share with you some ideas for preparing/altering MDF.

Words or Whatever not only have a range of wonderful Chipboard, but also they have a huge range of MDF products, including Albums and Off the Page products.

MDF is so simple to dress up with paint. Here is 3 different looks that I have created using the same two shades of Pink.

Firstly paint the MDF with an acrylic paint….(I like to rummage through the cheap bins of paint at hardware and paint stores, you can usually pick up mis-mixes for about $5.00 per litre)

Now for the techniques

1. CRACKLE –As I have got a contrasting colour I want to use, and this is a large surface area I have used Jo Sonjas 'Decor Crackle' medium for this project.

You just brush on the medium, let it become touch dry, then cover with your contrasting colour of acrylic paint. Remember, whichever way your brush strokes go on the topcoat, is the direction you will see the cracked effect. Also remember to allow it to dry naturally, don’t force dry with this medium. The thicker the top coat the bolder the crackle effect.

2. SANDING – apply the top thin coat of paint, and allow to dry (I speed up the process with the hot air gun). Then grab some sand paper and rub back to your hearts content. Focus more around the edges, and do random patches of sanding over the item.

3. DECORATE WITH PAPER – Finally for this one I have applied a top coat of the acrylic paint, and while wet, I dabbed off the excess with paper towel. This gave a mottled effect, I then lightly sanded the edges. Next layer your paper as you wish. ModgePodge, is great for sticking paper to MDF. Coat the whole back of the paper or cardstock using a paintbrush and when in the position you want, use a brayer or rolling pin to flatten out any air bubbles.

These boxes are a custom made order that WORDS or WHATEVER – WOW created for me…thanks Suzanne and Neil. They are to be used to hold paper and will be recessed into a stud wall, to maximize space in my scrap area.

See you next post


Kimmi xx


  1. Great tips! Would love for your to share these with us when they are set up in your scrap room!

  2. I certainly will Alanna ! :-)

  3. Great effects! Can't wait to see your scrap-room pics.


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