Thursday, August 18, 2011

From mere book worm to book monster

Hi everyone, it's Geli here! This is my first blog post for WOW. 
I got some absolutely adorable alien monsters from WOW, which I just HAD to use on a page. 

My son Joel loves to read and will devour all fantasy novels that come his way. This gave me the idea for the title (remember, I was desperate to get those monsters onto a page! LOL).

I want to share with you how I made the multi-coloured monsters using embossing powders. First I separated the different parts and embossed them individually:

The eyes needed some blue in them but we're getting seriously fiddly here. After a bit of trial and error I put a dot of glue straight from the glue re-inker in the middle and covered that with blue embossing powder (you could also use a watermark re-inker)

When I heated it with the heat gun the glue kind of bubbled and made some creepy-looking eyes. Perfect! Later I glued black mini pearls in the holes. 

Then I covered the whole monster body with 3 coats of blue embossing powder (Add the second layer while the first one is still hot. You have to be fast and I wish I had his 4 arms...)
At the end I reheated his antennae only and sprinkled some glitter on top: 

I did the same with the tummy, but used a contrasting embossing powder:

And heated it one more time to let the glitter or powder really sink in.

There is one more large cog frame behind the photo, which got simply inked in brown to let it become part of the background.
My son loves the page and I hope you do too!


  1. These monsters are just too cute!

  2. WOW (pardon the pun), great techniques and fab page. Love it all!

  3. Yes, I do love your page, I love embossing powders on chippy, it is so versitile. The little monsters are adorable.
    Well done Geli

  4. terrific techniques.. love your distressing on the cogs

  5. This layout is so cute. I love how you did the monsters. And I really like the colours you used.

  6. Great post Geli, Love the layout and the step by steps too! Gilly oxo


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