Monday, October 3, 2011

Flower power!

Happy Monday everyone! For a lot of us it's a holiday Monday and I hope you're all getting some scrappy time in.  Today I'd like to share an easy way to pretty up your WOW chipboard using flowers.....well petals to be exact. 

I've used three different sized white flowers to decorate these gorgeous WOW chipboard angels wings. First of all, ink your chipboard the same colour as the petals. Next, cut out the petals from the flowers.  Starting from the bottom and using the chipboard shape as a guide, glue the petals to the chipboard.

I worked on both wings at the same time to ensure consistency.

You just need to keep building up....and up....and up....and you'll end up with some beautiful fluffy angel's wings.

The Dream a little Dream title was coloured with brown versacolour ink and a black sharpie. I love how detailed WOW's titles are.

You can use this technique on many of WOW's shapes. I've also 'feathered' this lovely peacock.

Using the same method as the angel's wings, I inked the chipboard first. Then starting at the bottom, I added the feathers.  I didn't have the green that I wanted, so I inked white flowers.  I added jewels to the peacock and coloured in his eye black......voila!

Another easy, yet effective, way to jazz up you layouts!

I hope you're feeling inspired to give this a try.  It's easier than you think!

B-) Sami


  1. Love the effect Sami! Beautiful work and that peacock is stunning :)

  2. very clever, beautiful idea for chippies TFS :)

  3. WOW sami..that peacock look special..( am gonna steal that technique one day) xxx

  4. Fab idea Sami. I will definately put that one in the memory banks. Cheers Di xx

  5. I've just found this. Love the peacock feathers!


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