Thursday, October 13, 2011

Using Lots of Paint...

Hello everyone :) Liz here with you this sunny spring Thursday. Today I wanted to show you a couple of simple layouts showing how 'tough' WOW chipboard is.

For this first layout I used the absolutely beautiful Tall Clock. I firstly painted the clock, the body in teal and the face in white. I then applied crackle paint onto the body and dimensional magic onto the face. (On a side note, I just love how good the details are on all the WOW chipboard. I painted the face but the details on the clock still showed up perfectly :)))))

I then wrapped ribbon around it and using liquid glue I stuck flowers onto it.

This is the finished layout.

For the second layout I used new release Arrows. I wanted to paint the arrows but found the paint I wanted to use was quite thin and didn't cover the chipboard as well as I wanted. If this happens a little tip is to first cover the chipboard in white paint. Let it dry and then paint in the colour you want. Keep painting the chipboard until you get the look you like letting the paint dry between each layer.

Here are the arrows all painted and pretty - I used a total of 4 layers of paint, the white and three layers of colour.

Here's the finished layout:

As you can see I put many layers of various types of paint, glass finish and glue onto the chipboard, wrapped it in ribbon, drew on it and still it remained like new. It never lost it's shape, split or buckle. WOW chipboard is made to last and handle anything we put it through and as all our designers have shown - we put the chipboard through a lot :)))))

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  1. Totally agree, WOW chippies are very durable and their engraved designs stand the test of many techniques. Well done Suzanne and the DT


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