Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7th - Masks, stencils or an embellishment

Hi there, Malinda here with my first share at WOW.

With all my pages you'll notice that I like to use bits and pieces, here and there. I love to tear bits off, keep them raw or ink or mist or paint them, Lately my love is my posca pens; great for a quick colour in. Anyone else in love with them?

I love masks. I love stencils. I love templates. And I love embellishments. And I LOVE when I have chipboard or wood veneer I can use for all of those things.

On this page I've used the 6X6-Square-Frames  firstly as a stencil or template I've traced around one size and then I've used another size as a frame. I also used that same smaller frame as a stencil underneath the actual frame just to give it a bit more depth.

I really wanted to grunge up this page so I inked then coloured in some some panelling and placed it behind the pic. Love the industrial feel this adds to the page.

And last but not least, no boy page is complete without stars and this STAR in the light veneer adds a bit of direction too, moving your eyes towards the journalling. and these days I HASHTAG everything so how good are these little # (in dark veneer) for a title!

Well that's my first page for WOW.
Stay tuned for another page in a couple of days using more of the great WOW stuff.

from Mal

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