Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kerryn's week - In the Beginning

Morning Crafters!

Today is the first of many posts this week that I will be sharing with you here on the WOW blog.

I hope that I can inspire you over the week to either head to your craft desk, grab your WOW chipboard or AltaMATZ and get crafty or at the very least, go to your LSS and stock up on your WOW supplies.

I am really excited! I have so much to share this week, but I 'm just not sure where to start?
Maybe I should start from the beginning of my latest chipboard scrapfest.

Incase you didn't know, I love to mix different mediums on my chipboard, it is very experimental stuff and sadly they don't always work out how I pictured things in my mind.
And yes, there have been a few disasters.
But with this particular piece, I was actually pretty happy with the end result.

So the idea started with the Flame Border WOW 1115

I created the first layer using 3 different ink colours, red, orange and yellow.
The perfect colours for the flames and they blend well on the chipboard.
I started inking with red at the base of the flame and I slowly worked my way up to the tip of the flames, orange next and then finishing with the yellow.
The next layer was done with a simple patterned stamp and some gold Brilliance ink. I randomly stamped the image in the lower part of the border, mainly the red and orange, to give the darker section a few highlights.
Kindy Glitz Chrystallina was added to the top third of the flames as layer number three and left to dry. Love this layer, I think it added a little flicker to the flames.
The final touch was created using gold embossing powder and it was only added to the very tips of some flames. Both the Kindy Glitz and embossing powder helped to give the chipboard some dimension.

So what do you think? Pretty HOT looking LOL!

And it just so happens I had the perfect photos in mind to scrap. All I need to do was to chop the border up into 3 pieces to put the page together. My base cardstock has been misted using the 12x12 Checkerplate AltaMATZ ALTA068.



Great balls of fire


That's it for today, thanks for visiting.
I had a heap of fun putting this page together, it is always nice when your ideas come together.
I hope you will be able to tune in again tomorrow to see what else I have been doing.


  1. Great layout! I love how your flames turned out!

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