Monday, September 10, 2012

What’s NEW in September–San Staples

Hi Everyone

San here to share my WOW New Releases for September.

I got this awesome 6x6 AltaMatz doily, love it. I also got these awesome corners cut in ebony. Gotta love having the chipboard already coloured for you.

ALTA043 6 X 6 DOILY 2

 I have used corrugated card and sprayed with white Mr Hueys.

This photo is a christening one of me, these were lost for about 18 years and the role of film was found after my dad died and my mum was moving furniture, most were ok, little damaged, but a great find!

My other New Release piece was an ebony cut barbed wire. Love how WOW can cut to match your photo theme as well as title. Tom had a laser tag birthday party this year, the barbed wire fit beautifully with the theme.


 I left it alone, black is good and just added a tie of green string.

Get into your local scrap shop and grab some of the New WOW for yourself!
San x

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  1. Wow - that was a great find! Such a gorgeous vintage photo, and such stunning masking with the doily altamatz


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